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The West Fund Stands with Immigrants

The West Fund stands with immigrants. Being situated at the corner of the US/Mexico Border and New Mexico stateline, we embrace the fact that migration is an integral piece of West Texas culture. When the West Fund was first created in response to the ill-informed, anti-abortion policies of the Texas legislature in 2013, it was natural for us to have patients of various backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations and immigration statuses. Because of who we serve, we feel compelled to speak up for our callers and against the current anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, and xenophobic policies.  ​

The new directives from the Trump Administration and the Department of Homeland Security threaten to tear apart families, and leave US citizens without parents, children, husbands, wives, and neighbors. The order aims to hire an additional 10,000 Immigration & Custody Enforcement (ICE) agents, revive problematic programs that entangle local law enforcement and ICE, and prioritize deportation of those who merely committed an act that could be charged as a crime — without a conviction. Now, at the state level, Texas is attempting to ban sanctuary cities. The proposed SB 4 would penalize local and state governments that don't cooperate with federal officials to enforce immigration laws. It’s not who we are as a country to rule by fear, confusion and cruelty. Border communities are among the safest in the nation, and patrolling them with tens of thousands of heavily armed, poorly trained, unaccountable agents puts lives at risk. This will turn our communities into military zones. The use of fear tactics as a governmental means of control, the use of deportation, family separation, and the militarization the border, directly violates the human rights of community members. The West Fund was intentionally created with the philosophies of community and inclusivity. We strive to live in community where all people have the economic, social and political power to make healthy choices about their bodies, families, and relationships, in all areas of their lives. The recent attacks on immigrants are the result of an ongoing cycle of expulsion, exclusion, and criminalization of those deemed “unworthy” of belonging. It is important to understand reproductive justice encompasses a variety of issues from physical to emotional, political to economic and overall social welfare of people based their inherent rights. It includes the rights to (or not to) have children, the right to parent, and the control of birthing options without punishment by government. It includes the right to seek refuge in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. It includes being able to live without fear of being racially profiled, arrested, or detained based on the color of your skin or the language you speak.  Anti-immigrant policies are undermining people’s health and safety, much like restricting access to reproductive health services only fortifies social inequalities. These policies hurt people, they hurt families and they hurt our communities. About the West Fund:  The West Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with the National Network of Abortion Funds and based in El Paso, Texas, that works to make abortions accessible for all people. The West Fund believes reproductive justice is only possible when all people, have the information, ability, and resources to make their own healthcare decisions. Through education, community building, and gap funding, we hope to empower west Texans, helping them achieve their decisions and access the healthcare they deserve. Our vision is to live in a society where equal access to abortion is guaranteed for all people without barriers or hurdles, regardless of their economic situation. We oppose all efforts to restrict abortion rights and are committed to fighting for access to healthcare for all people who may become pregnant.

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