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Farewell West Fund

Dear West Fund Family,

It’s been an absolute honor serving a four-year term as the West Fund Board President. In this time, I’ve seen West Fund evolve and adapt in so many beautiful ways. I feel incredibly privileged.

Through West Fund, I found a whole network of amazing humans, organizers, abortion funders, and Queers. I was able to participate in We Testify, Movement Makers, and learn from leaders at the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF). They invested in my leadership and expanded my understanding of economic, reproductive, and racial justice. 

This experience with NNAF is what has informed many of the decisions, policies and practices developed for West Fund. Now, West Fund has implemented our own vision of equity within an organization. This includes keeping a working board with term limits; creating an organizational cycle that is sustainable; and continuously investing in new leadership. 

With an amazing team and our network of local, state, and national support, West Fund has participated in and hosted countless events, including a statewide day of action for abortion storytelling, and organized our own conference, Reproductive Justice in the Southwest. West Fund implemented a paid internship program, is part of the Network Movement Building Lab, and is plaintiff in the People’s Lawsuit to challenge the web of unconstitutional abortion restrictions that have multiplied in Texas. 

In these last four years, West Fund has secured over $580,000 in grants, and even more in grassroots fundraising. When West Fund started, we were pledging $50 for abortion procedures, and today we are fully funding first trimester abortions. We now have 3 full-time staff, and a paid leadership opportunity, the Fronterizx Community Project, for high school students to advocate for comprehensive sexual health education policies. This is all while funding abortions for people facing economic, political and social barriers to their healthcare. 

My ability to do the work as a volunteer board member is largely based on my privilege. I’ve taken on a workload on top of my full-time job, graduate school, and the exhaustive emotional labor attached to being a leader of a nonprofit organization. I’ve given a piece of my heart to West Fund largely because of my experiences, the gratitute I have for my own abortion, and the love I have for my community. 

It’s been a wildly rewarding ride. I’ve learned many lessons because of West Fund and I’m saddened to leave at such a critical moment. However, I’m confident the emerging leadership at West Fund can handle these uncertain times and I’m excited for their next chapter. I hope y’all give our newest board members all the love and graciousness you’ve given me. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. 

With all my love,


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