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In 2018 West Fund applied and received funding from the National Institute of Reproductive Health these funds helped identify the policies in school districts in El Paso. During the process West Fund also began cultivating relationships with the School Health Advisory Council. West Fund was able to assess the policies each ISD had in place at the time to find out how supportive and inclusive they were for all young people, and was also able to recruit, educate, and train volunteers to be advocates for sexual health education policy at their respective SHACs.

Through the lessons learned in 2018, West Fund gained a broader understanding of the local ISD SHAC dynamics and was strategic in pursuing inclusive involvement for 2019. 


As a non-profit operating outside of the school system, West Fund realized that the most proactive strategy was investment in community youth to ensure our work lives beyond the success or failure of one local policy. El Paso youth are uniquely positioned to advocate for policies that directly affect them, and in order to help this process West Fund invested in our youth by creating the Fronterizx Community Project (FCP). This process consisted of paying a cohort made of high school juniors through meeting stipends to bi-monthly meetings. These meetings consisted of building relationships with students, discussing local issues, and offering practical advocacy skills at the local level.

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If you have any questions, comments or other please contact    Program Coordinator    Student Organizer


FCP will be hosting town halls to discuss our advocacy work, petition we've worked on, demystifying sex ed in El Paso and so much more! Register to one of our town halls!

Our second cohort has been working on a petition for their local Board of Trustees to adopt! Please, sign your support here.

FCP cohort 1 & 2 have both edited a policy to reflect what they wish to include, take a look at their edits here.

Our cohort has been able to have different opportunities being in our program! Some include:

  • Present at a Sister Song Conference 2019

  • Attend a ACLU Summer Institute Conference

  • Attend an Advocates for Youth Urban Retreat

  • #FreeThePill advisory youth board with Advocates for Youth (Paid opportunity)

  • Growth in organizational & leadership skill

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