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the mission

West Fund believes that the safety of our communities depends on our collective ability to support, uplift, and empower each other by sharing knowledge, sharing resources, and prioritizing mutual aid. Through grassroots organizing, political education, and educational programming centering young people such as the Fronterizx Community Project, we hope to engage our community in having meaningful conversations and ending the shame and stigma surrounding reproductive care and abortion access. We believe that we can best serve our community by connecting community members to holistic care and full spectrum healthcare resources, stewarding opportunities for skill sharing, and providing direct services. 
We continue to work towards our vision daily, remain steadfast to our mission, and align our values in all that we do.

the vision

Our vision is to live in a society where equal access to holistic care and full spectrum healthcare is guaranteed to all people without barriers or hurdles, regardless of a person's socio, political, or economic situation.
We believe in an equitable and compassionate society where anyone can live in a thriving, healthy, and safe community; where they are able to choose when, how, and if they want children.

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