The West Fund is a completely volunteer-run organization and community. West Fund volunteers are committed to our mission of providing access to abortions and reproductive choices to our community by connecting people with funding, and we are committed to investing and training this generation of reproductive justice leaders. We have a philosophy that everyone has a skill, talent, or role in our work, and we support volunteers to give life to their ideas. Some volunteers organize two fundraising events a year, some make weekly intake calls to fund patients, and some contribute through typing words on a page, but everything is incredibly valuable.
Some of the most common volunteer activities you can do include event planning, fundraising, creating social media content, creating web content, making intake calls from our helpline, community outreach, and much more! Some ideas that our volunteers and board members have made happen together are benefit shows with live bands, abortion speak-outs, nail art by donation, and soon to come, a West Fund zine!
We're open to anything, but you have to take the first step! 


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* If you'd like to send in a donation, you can mail a check made out to West Fund Inc. to PO Box 920088, El Paso, TX 79902.

ENG/SPAN HELPLINE: 915-213-4634