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The National Abortion Federation is a professional association of abortion providers in the United States. They are able to provide funding for patients in most cities and states, as well as provide options counseling and pre and post abortion care.

Funding Helpline: 1-800-772-9100

M - F from 5 am - 9 pm MST
Sat & Sun 7 am - 7 pm MST

The Lilith Fund is another abortion fund in Texas that works with patients located in the southern half of Texas, including El Paso. 

Funding Helpline: 1-877-659-4304

MWF from 6 am - 11 am MST

Fund Texas Choice’s mission is to provide funds to those who need to travel for an abortion or need help finding a place to stay during a trip to a clinic who otherwise could not afford it.

Funding Helpline: 1-844-900-8908 (Toll-free)
1-512-900-8908, and press one for funding

Online Form

Jane's Due Process works to provide legal counsel to patients under the age of 18 who need access to an abortion without parental consent due to fear of abuse, retaliation, or other circumstances.

24/7 Helpline: 1-866-999-5263

Texas Equal Access Fund is another abortion fund in Texas, specifically serving patients in North Texas or those traveling to the Dallas area to receive their procedure.

Funding Helpline: 1-888-854-4852

Online Form

If you are in Mexico going to Mexico City for an abortion and you need financial assistance or help with transportation, lodging, or meals related to your abortion appointment. 

Helpline: 5255 55391802

george tiller memorial fund

The George Tiller Memorial Fund meets the gap where Funds have already pledged what they can to a patient, and the patient is still short. The Tiller Fund also is set up to help people in states where there are no Funds.

Helpline: 1-866-592-1901 extension 1 

stigma relief fund

If you are a patient at Whole Woman's Health, the Stigma Relief Fund may be able to help you pay your medical costs. Ask about the Stigma Relief Fund when make your appointment, or call their hotline.
Helpline: 512-250-1005

buckle bunnies fund img.webp

Buckle Bunnies is a group of young queer folks who are passionate about Reproductive Justice knew that they had the power to mobilize across Texas and help people get the abortions they needed.

Online Form

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