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West Fund was funded on the legacy of Queer UTEP students in response to HB 2, the anti-abortion law that swept the state in 2013. It's because of this and our location on the US/NM/TX border that our origins are ingrained in values of youth leadership and inclusivity. Now, West Fund is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and is affiliated with the National Network of Abortion Funds.


West Fund believes reproductive justice is only possible when all people have the information, ability, and resources to make their own healthcare decisions. Through advocacy, education, community building, and gap funding, we hope to give people the tools to access the healthcare they deserve.


We have secured multiple grants to pay for programming, abortion storytelling, paid internships, professional development, the creation of a local policy agenda, hosted a statewide day of action with Texas partners and much more. This allows for 100% of our grassroots fundraising go directly towards abortion funding for community members in West Texas and New Mexico. Donating to West Fund is money that goes back into our community.



Behind every abortion is a real person's life and their story. Please share your story with us and others who are looking for information and support. Just fill out the information below and submit. Together, we can break the cycle of silence, shame, and stigma. If you'd like to remain anonymous, the name field is optional.

By submitting my story I give the West Fund permission to use it to bring awareness about reproductive rights and help give a voice to the millions of people who have had abortions. 

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West Fund is 100% volunteer-run and 100% donor funded. We need your help to make access to abortion a reality for West Texas.

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