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What the Bowl-A-Thon has to do with Sean's OKCupid profile

I was talking with Ryane, Deputy Director of the West Fund, the other day about how the average price for an abortion for someone living in El Paso is $500. I was pretty frustrated by that (it's so much money!) and it made me think about how I've needed to get a root canal done for like six months. But with rent, groceries, and gas, I’ve only been able to put a little bit of money aside for it. I was at a loss at how someone could come up with money like that on such a short time frame. I guess Ryane noticed how I was a little lost in my thoughts because she was like “sucks, huh?”.  

And that’s when it hit us! We would start a Bowl-A-Thon team together! DUH! We both wanted to but didn’t have any teammates… not anymore! That way we can raise money together that will DIRECTLY fund someone’s access to abortion services right here in the El Paso, Las Cruces, and the Juarez area.

I thought about my capacity between now and April 25th and I decided that I am going personally raise $300 buckaroos from my friends, family, co-workers, and co-worker's cats. Then, I was like what about that cute person I’ve been wanting to ask out on a date? Forget the date! I’m going to ask them to donate 'cause there's nothing cuter than commitment to social and reproductive justice.

No, but like seriously though. I mean that -- it's on my OKcupid profile :P

You can start your own team here!


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