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Strike Out for Abortion Access

The last time I struck out at a bowling alley, the only thing I had to look forward to was an overpriced plastic cup of beer and a slightly creepy dude who decided it was a good idea to wear sweatpants with boots. (We all know that chanclas are the only things you can pair with sweatpants!)

But this year, when I chuck that gutter ball down the lane, I know that when I turn around I am going to be surrounded by great pro-choice people, beer, and pizza! Also known as life goals!! Why, you ask? Because I am a co-captain of a team for this year’s Bowl-a-thon with the West Fund! This monthlong fundraising campaign puts YOU in the spotlight, and ends with a huge party in celebration of your commitment to reproductive justice and the effort you made to show it.

When you join a team, you get your friends and family involved by asking for money that goes directly to funding access to abortion in our community. You set an individual fundraising goal, and a larger goal for the team. Teams will compete with each other to see who can raise the most funds. 

But when you are helping raise money for access to vital reproductive health care in your community, everyone is a winner! 

Last year, volunteers were able to raise enough money to fund almost half of the entire operating budget for 2015! That’s an impact you can see! This year, I hear talk of wanting it to be bigger, badder, and with a heck of a lot more bowling!

Don’t get left out this year. I’m going to go make some calls and raise some funds right now! See you at the lanes!

P.S. Here are a few different ways that you can use your time and energy to do big things for the West Fund and abortion access in West Texas. Here they are in order of least to most time commitment:

1. Chip in for abortion access: Don't have the time? We get it. Do what you can by pitching in $1 to our Abortion Access B-A-T

2. Want to help plan or recruit? Email and let her know what you'd like to do. Not sure yet? That's okay. She doesn’t bite; she will talk it out with you.

3. Join a Team: Want to just fundraise money for the Bowl-A-Thon? You can join a team that already has folks on it so you can focus on dialing for dollars to help fund abortion access. Get started here 

4. Lead a Team: Are you feeling like you want to start right now? Want to lead your own team of fundraising champions to take home the bowling and most-raised prize? Become a Team Captain here

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