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Ale has been ordered deported!

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

West Fund co-founder and former Board Member Raquel Ortega on the Deportation order of Alejandra Pablos

Ale has had a huge impact on the way we think and talk about issues we care about. From reproductive justice to decolonization and immigrants’ rights, Ale has been fearless in this struggle, la lucha. By telling her story she’s given a face and voice to the injustice that literally millions of people experience. Despite being targeted by ICE and the Trump administration she has continued to speak out. Ale is caring, passionate, driven, and cariñosa. From the day I met her I was instantly drawn to her fierce yet tender spirit.

Ale is also a human being. Someone who grew up and learned to fight for her rights in Arizona, just like me. Both of our families still live in Southern Arizona. Both of us have lived in D.C. and have dedicated our lives to fighting for justice for all. But because I had the privilege of being born here, she gets to be treated like she’s less than human? Thrown in a cage an exiled from the only home she has ever known? That is more than unfair, it is UNACCEPTABLE. When will it stop? What needs to happen before you take action?

Friends, especially my people in AZ, please sign the petition at the and also call the Governor's office and ask that he pardon Ale and allow her to stay with her family. We can’t allow the government to get rid of people who disagree with them. We can’t continue to allow families to be seperated and human beings to be exiled to place they don’t know and/or could kill them.

Take action today.

Love you, Ale.

Raquel Ortega

*Update: By Ale's request, please do not call the Governor's Office.

Sign the petition here:

Donate to Ale’s legal defense:

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