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Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon: FINAL COUNTDOWN

Don’t hate me, but this is mostly a shameless self-promotion post -- with some Bowl-A-Thon info thrown in. Fair warning. So, remember when I decided to participate in a Bowl-A-Thon team earlier? It was so simple I couldn’t even believe it. All you do is register using this link and you plug in what it asks for. Once you put in your “personal” information, you get three important options. You can choose to START A TEAM if you and your friends want to get together and push each other to help reach your goals.

You can choose to JOIN A TEAM if you want to get with some other friendly people and help to reach a collective fundraising goal. (My team is called Barrier Busters -- feel free to jump in and join!)  

Or you can choose to PARTICIPATE INDIVIDUALLY if you are just that stalwart lone wolf hunting those funds like mice (or whatever wolves hunt…). It doesn’t really matter how you participate because everyone involved will get free pizza, snacks and bowling fun in less than two weeks!

Move with a quickness on this, since the Bowl-A-Thon is on April 26th. Register now so you have plenty of time to raise those funds.

Now, I have this awesome fundraising profile that I can send to people, so they can donate to the West Fund through me. All of the money we raise goes directly to funding abortion access here in the community -- and supports statewide and local advocacy for abortion rights. Its soooo cooooool!!!

One last thing: Remember when I said that I had set a goal of raising $300 smackers for the West Fund? Yeah, you should totally check out my profile for the Bowl-A-Thon and help me make that goal a reality!!!

If anything, meeting my goal will keep my posts here nice and upbeat for y’all! 

I'm joking! Or am I? 

No, I totally am. ☺


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