Abortion without borders

abortion access & immigrant justice

All people must have access to the resources they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families - without shame or stigma.


At West Fund, we envision a society where equal access to abortion is guaranteed for all people without barriers or hurdles, regardless of their economic situation or documented status.


We know that abortion access and immigrant justice go hand in hand. We believe in compassion, love, and abortion access without borders.


We’re tired of the shame, stigma, and misinformation being spread about abortion access and undocumented people seeking care. This rhetoric results in policies that do real harm to our communities.  


West Fund opposes all efforts to restrict abortion and immigration. In our work, we actively center undocumented people of color, who face unique barriers when planning their families or raising their children and have been historically underrepresented in mainstream reproductive justice movements.

Join us in the fight to ensure abortion access and immigrant justice for all. Sign the petition.


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